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Shameless advert…

OK – this posting has nothing to do with Oracle – rather it’s a shameless plug for a new EBay Store that my wife has set up to sell acrylic photo frames…so if you’re interested please read on, otherwise please forgive the intrusion and I’ll post something Oracle related soon.

So, the story behind this little venture, was that shortly before Christmas last year, my wife, myself and our Jude went for a “free” photoshoot with a leading portrait company called Venture. We’d picked up a flyer from a local shopping centre, where they were doing a promotion and the deal offered, is that you get a one hour photoshoot and a free 6×4″ framed photo of one shot from the session – no strings attached, if you’ll pardon the pun. Of course, they have lots of other framing solutions to offer you, once you’ve had the photoshoot and they basically hope that you’ll see the wonderful photos they’ve done and buy some of their products – pretty simple proposition really.

We did the shoot and went along to the “screening” a few weeks later where they show you all the photos they have taken, cleaned up and put into a snazzy looking powerpoint presentation which they show you in a nice little “movie theatre” setup with comfy sofas and a nice cappucino…kinda gets you in the mood and tugs at your heart strings and by the end of it all you’re ready to buy just about anything they’ve got to offer…well some people are I guess otherwise they wouldn’t have made such a successful franchise.

Now, where’s the catch?

Well, in our opinion, the catch is twofold.

Firstly, that the products they offer are pretty expensive – everything is relative I guess, but some of their products such as the 4×4 ICE grid cost in excess of £2000 so unless you are Roman Abramovich you’re probably going to need to sit down before you read the price list.

Secondly, once you’ve had your products you’d think that you get the images – in case you want a screensaver perhaps or you want to print it onto a cup for your morning coffee – you’d be wrong, as all image rights remain with Venture and unless they offer your image in one of their products and you can afford that product, then you’re out of luck.

Sadly, for my wife, I didn’t feel like selling a kidney to pay for some of their products – she did tell me that people can live perfectly well on just one kidney but I didn’t want to risk it. We then figured that we must be able to source similar products from elsewhere on Ebay or other retailers…sadly, we couldn’t find anything similar to the specific product we liked anywhere.

In the end we decided that we’d start a little business and get some products made by an acrylic manufacturer specifically for us. That’s what we did and, for now at least, we’e selling a selection of these products on our Ebay Store called PhotoFrameZ.

For now we’re only selling a limited amount of the items we want to offer as taking the photos and organising them onto the Ebay store is quite time consuming – we’ll add more products over time.

The biggest problem we’ve had so far has been in taking decent photos of the products – and before anyone says, we’re no photographers and yes, the images are not exactly great…but hopefully they are good enough to convince you that they are a quality product at an affordable price in comparison to the alternatives.

If anyone has any tips on how to take a good photo of a shiny acrylic object and get good detail without any reflection then I’d be interested in hearing from them please.

We’ve sold quite a few of the items directly through friends and family and so far feedback has been great but the Ebay store has yet to take off…mainly as we’ve only just set it up and also we’ve not really tried to advertise it much – until now!

We’re only shipping to the UK currently but if it takes off then we’ll consider shipping abroad as well…one step at a time. I guess, given the international nature of blogging, if you’re really interested in getting one of these products you can contact me directly and I’ll sort something out for you.

If you’re interested in a quality photo framing solution which allows you to display your own pictures in a contemporary style and in an easy to change format, then please take a look at the store.

If you have any comments then please do get in touch with us.

Thanks for your time.