Installing Oracle 11gR1 on a Fedora Core 10 64 bit VM

Just a note, to myself more than anything, about what extra packages are required by a 64 bit installation of Fedora Core 10, when trying to install Oracle 11gR1.

The installation I undertook was on a FC10 64 bit VM running under VMWare Server 2.0 running on top of FC10 64 bit OS.

Tim, as usual, has a lovely guide which told me almost everything I needed to know, however the guide says “If you are performing the 64-bit installation, make sure both the 32-bit and 64-bit libraries are installed.” rather than explicitly stating the packages for a 64 bit install. Until I tried to install Oracle 11gR1, I didn’t know what these were. The Oracle installer for 11g soon told me in the pre install checks it does, so I went about installing the following packages, in order:


That got me past the pre install checks of the Oracle installer and on to a successful install.

I’ve added the list to the comments on the guide Tim produced as well.

Disable password ageing on Windows 2008 Server Standard

Password ageing in Windows 2008 Server Standard edition (the one I generally use) is set to automatically requre passwords to be changed after 42 days…obviously a Douglas Adams fan responsible for that bit of the codebase!

NOTE – I don’t have access to other version of Windows Server (2003 or 2008) so I can’t speak for them, but I imagine it’s the same on them too.

That’s annoying for home use, where I have tons of VMs for research that I use periodically, so I asked my brother Steve how to stop this happening and he gave me some simple instructions…

First start the Local Security Policy editor by typing secpol.msc in the start/run box..


and then select Account Policies / Password Policy on the nagivation tree on the left. On the right hand side select Maximum Password Age and set this from the default of “42” to “0”. You’ll notice it now says “Password will not expire” above the value “0”.

Set Password Ageing off.msc

Seems to have done the trick.

Kinda handy having a brother who’s an MCSE and a VCP too. Useful when I get stuck with OS or VM stuff for my Oracle research!

By the way, if anyone happens to be looking for some skilled contract resource in the Virtualisation field (VMWare, ESX Server etc…) then Steve has just become available…please feel free to contact me, or Steve, via his website