Advert: YouGoDo dot com

Nothing technical here…just a quick advert.

Some friends of mine have started a new website Called YouGoDo.

Billed as “The World’s Playground”, offering users a quick and simple answer to questions like:

I’m off to [location], what can I do there?
I want to do [activity], where can I do it?
I want to do [activity] in [location], who provides this service?

If you’re interested, feel free to try them out.

Start the new year with a game of tag!

Thanks to Doug, I’ve been “tagged” – he’d obviously noticed I’d been sleeping, blog-wise, for some time and decided that I should come out of hibernation!

The idea behind the tagging being to “learn more about the people you interact with using New Web”.

So, here are eight pieces of trivia about myself:

1. I am the son of a couple of geordies. My dad being a miner and my mum being a machinist and taxi driver in her time. Mum and dad were married at Gretna Green. Mum is also fairly rare in that she is a successful heart transplant patient of nearly ten years.

2. I love animals – all animals really, but in particular dogs, and in particular Boxer dogs, and even more particularly white boxer dogs – and no, to scotch a common myth, not all white boxer dogs are deaf – it’s the same percentage as all breeds of dog that are deaf – around 20%.

3. I’m not a vegetarian, despite my love of animals, however my wife is pretty much a vegetarian…which obviously makes life interesting in the kitchen department.

4. If I wasn’t an Oracle person then I’d be a chef. In all truth, the only reason I haven’t switched from being an Oracle person to a chef is that I don’t think I could earn as much money in that field. Yes, Gordon Ramsey earns millions but it’s taken him decades to get there and I’m not sure I’m as capable in that field as I am in the Oracle one. So the plan will be to work in Oracle until such time as I think I’ve comfortable and then I’ll switch to something in the arena of food and drink.

5. I love car racing – particularly Formula 1. Some wifes are “Golf Widows” – mine is an “F1 Widow” and calls me a “saddo” whenever I’m surfin’ on my laptop in the evening and she spots me looking at the ITV 1 Formula 1 website. Obviously I think I could go a fast as Lewis Hamilton but I’m all too aware that I’d probably end up looking like Richard Hammond if I tried!

6. I’m addicted to reading – both fiction and non. My ideal holiday being one where I just sit by the pool/on the beach, reading constantly for a fortnight.

7. Speaking of ideal holiday…my favourite place is the carribean, but then what’s not to like there! My favourite island being St Lucia since that’s where I got married to Amanda.

8. I have a burning desire to live in another country – preferably somewhere hot. Whether my desire is fulfilled who knows…watch this space!

That’s my eight things…so over to a new set of people to continue the chain…I’ve no idea if these folk have been tagged or not yet – apologies if they have and the chain isn’t extended but ultimately, isn’t that inevitable?

Kevin Closson
Tanel Poder
Nicholas Goodman
Mogens Nogaard
Anjo Kolk
Pete Finnigan – how ironic with this tagging being effectively a virus!
Eric S Emrick
Christian Bilien

Fifteen Minutes of fame as an animal welfare supporter

My wife and I were happy to receive a call from Respect For Animals the other day, to inform us that our names would appear on a two page advert in the August issue of the BBC Wildlife magazine, in support of the campaign to stop the seal cull in Canada.

I’d never read the magazine before, but after buying it to see the advert, I was quite pleased that it was a really good read for those of us interested in the animal kingdom.

Au revoir – ORA-01034

It’s been fun while it lasted!

I’m giving up the blogging for now…my personal family life gets busier by the day and I want to focus on my wife and son, Jude now.

I’ll still be presenting at the end of April at the Northern Server Technology Day but that will also be my last presentation for some time.

For those who have read my blog – thanks, I’ve enjoyed writing it and hopefully helping some of you along the way – it’s been a very educational experience thus far.

Take care

Merry Christmas

Well, it’s nearly christmas day here in the UK…the pressies are all under the tree, the food and drink is all bought and planned and I’m quite “merry” myself already!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – that’s my last words for 2005!