Filling the TNS List in Raptor

Tom reported that Raptor became available over the festive period – so I downloaded it and got it up and running pretty quickly but ran into a little problem with TNS Entries…

When trying to connect to databases in Raptor you may find that your TNS Entries are not visible in the “Network Alias” section of the “TNS”
Tab…by reading the online help I found that I needed to create a TNS_ADMIN System Environment variable for Raptor to pick up and display these entries.

Creating a System Environment variable can be achieved using the System applet of Control Panel or by using Registry Editor and adding a String Value to the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession
ManagerEnvironment” section for TNS_ADMIN.

I needed to reboot after doing this…but once this had completed, Raptor was able to see in the dropdown the list of TNS entries from my TNSNAMES.ORA file in the location defined by the new TNS_ADMIN System Environment variable.

It seems reasonably easy to use thus far and does the stuff I need – never been one for using the DBA type features of Toad/Navigator so I don’t miss them really – I prefer to go digging in the V$ views to see what’s going on rather than have the GUI do it for me.