Installing Oracle 11gR1 on a Fedora Core 10 64 bit VM

Just a note, to myself more than anything, about what extra packages are required by a 64 bit installation of Fedora Core 10, when trying to install Oracle 11gR1.

The installation I undertook was on a FC10 64 bit VM running under VMWare Server 2.0 running on top of FC10 64 bit OS.

Tim, as usual, has a lovely guide which told me almost everything I needed to know, however the guide says “If you are performing the 64-bit installation, make sure both the 32-bit and 64-bit libraries are installed.” rather than explicitly stating the packages for a 64 bit install. Until I tried to install Oracle 11gR1, I didn’t know what these were. The Oracle installer for 11g soon told me in the pre install checks it does, so I went about installing the following packages, in order:


That got me past the pre install checks of the Oracle installer and on to a successful install.

I’ve added the list to the comments on the guide Tim produced as well.

Cursor keys not working in Virtual Server 2 VM

Posted as a reminder to myself about how to fix this issue…

I couldn’t get some of the cursor keys to work properly on my virtual machines running under VMWare Virtual Server 2 on Fedora 10 x86_64. Kept giving funny behaviour like bringing up the screen capture applet!

A bit of searching the net came up with this one, which although not referring to Virtual Server 2 specifically, seems to work all the same…

Essentially, adding the line below to the following file fixes the problem

File (create it, if not already present):



xkeymap.nokeycodeMap = true

My thanks to “The Monkey Jungle”!